What is fulfillment, and why is it smart to have?

Hi everyone. If you’re new here, welcome to our blog! We use this space to talk about comparisons between design methods, services we offer, and more. This week’s topic is fulfillment, and why its something we offer.

What is fulfillment?

This has many meanings and we’re going to focus on the stock option. We’ll explain what that means as you continue reading. Maclaser Printing offers customized fulfillment solutions to support your shipping and supply chain needs. When we’re doing a job for you, we will print extra to keep in stock for that last minute request, and we will even ship it to its destination for you! 

Why is this something I should look into?

Let’s say you need binders and post cards for a company event, and a week later you need 5 extra ones. Sure it might be easy to just print 5 extra binders/post cards when you need them, but think of how helpful it would be for you if they were already printed and packaged on a shelf, waiting to be shipped. That’s why we offer fulfillment services, so that those 5 extra products can be shipped the same day. 

What about the cost?

Look at it this way, you’re paying for extra products/services ahead of time but you’re also getting something in return and that’s products being stocked for your convenience. When you tell us you need XYZ shipped to 3 different addresses, we take the stress off your shoulders and handle that for you. With our courier services, we’re able to offer next day delivery. 

I’ll let you in on a little secret, it will actually cost you more to have your products printed at different times because someone has to set up all the machines again and package the items. Whereas when we print extra binders/postcards/business cards, the machines are already set up for the initial job, therefore eliminating the need for setting up a machine twice.

Our core value is to provide the highest level of personalized attention to your order while delivering flawless service. We are equipped to handle any fulfillment requirements, from simple to complex programs or special projects with great accuracy and speed. 

Our ability to help you lower costs and deliver a great experience is one of the advantages of working with Maclaser Printing. Check out the “Fulfillment” section in our services page!

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