Hello everyone, welcome to our website! I thought I’d start our very first blog post with an introduction. If you haven’t read the ‘About Us’ page, I’ll start again. We are a family run business based in Mississauga, Ontario. Our president/CEO/founder, Sal, started the company in his childhood home basement with his brother. It started as an after-college project with no knowledge of how big the company would one day become.

Everyone always asks how the company went from printing words on paper to now customizing apparel and sports related articles. Its easy, hockey. Hockey is why we’re able to grow the business and continue to learn about new services and ways of printing. I explained a little bit in the ‘About Us’ page, but I’ll go into more depth here.

The youngest member of our family, Matthew, was playing hockey and our team had so many sponsorship logos that we had to somehow put on everyone’s jersey. We looked into stitching the company logo but after all was said and done, we could tell it would take up too much room, as well as the jersey itself would be way too heavy for these little 6/7 year old’s to wear. Introducing heat pressing. During some spare time at the office, we found out we could ‘glue’ a piece of printed material onto the jerseys and eliminate all our worries. Now back then, heat pressing wasn’t really a big deal so not many people knew how it would turn out. Flash forward a few weeks, we had 15+ logos heat pressed to basically every square footage of the jersey, and socks. Yes, you read that right. We had so many logos we had to move to the socks. But I can tell you right now we were definitely the best dressed team on the ice.

Getting back on topic, our company specializes in customization and personalization, regardless of whether its printing or apparel services. I think with today’s technology and machines, its helped our company reach a new set of clients and essentially helped us stay alive. What sets us apart from those little internet printing companies is we connect with our clients to offer the best service. We give you opinions and different options to help bring your visions to life, and you can’t get that anywhere anymore. We strive to be different and better because that’s what helps us in the end.

You can take one look at our company and get confused about what our limitations are, but there’s really nothing we can’t do. Most of our services (printing and apparel) coincide with each other so its sometimes hard to differentiate between categories but without apparel, we probably wouldn’t be able to do half the projects we do today.

We can’t begin to explain how grateful we are for the countless ways our company has grown and we hope you enjoy everything you see.

This blog will vary between comparisons, opinions, projects, and much more. We hope you follow along and if you have any questions, leave a comment below or send us a message!

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