Champion® is Authentic Athleticwear. Founded in Rochester, New York in 1919, the Champion brand began with an acute focus on outfitting athletes. Over the last 100 years, Champion has transcended the field, the gym, the studio and the street. Champion embodies authentic athleticwear and dares everyone to be a Champion. Join us as we celebrate 100 years of innovation and uncompromising quality. Champion – 100 YEARS FOR THE TEAM™

The Champion® athletic heritage continues to inspire. Made for the active lives and casual fashion sense of today’s on-the-go men and women, Champion® Originals is a collection available in carefully chosen contemporary colours. Featuring soft-wash, triblend and fleece fabrics, this collection is specifically designed to be worn at the intersection of sport and life.

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We are also an authorized dealer of KOBE Sportswear. Kobe Sportswear is a leading Canadian designer, developer and manufacturer of implantable team and performance apparel for competition and promotional use. Their product line includes - Hockey jerseys, Baseball jerseys, Basketball jerseys, Lacrosse jerseys, and Performance Apparel.